Jo Utar Ke Zeena.e.Shaam Se (with English Translation)

Jo Utar Ke Zeena-E-Shaam Se
After descending from the staircase of dusk
Teri Chashm-E-Khush Mein Samaa Gaye
In your parched eyes they were parked in
Wohi Jalte Bujhte Se Mehar-O-Maah
Those blazing snuffed-out sun and moon
Mere Baam-O-Dar Ko Sajaa Gaye
Embellished my roof and door

Ye Ajeeb Khel Hai Ishq Ka
This is a strange play of love
Main Ne Aap Dekhaa Ye Mojza
I myself have witnessed this miracle
Wo Jo Lafz Mere Gumaan Mein The
Those words that were in my thoughts
Wo Teri Zubaan Par Aa Gaye
They came out of your tongue

Wo Chiragh-E-Jaan Kabhi Jis Ki Lav
That lamp of my life, the flame of which
Na Kisi Hawa Se Nigun Hui
Was undisturbed by any breeze
Teri Bewafai Ke Vasvase
The unreliability of your infidelity
Use Chupke Chupke Bujhaa Gaye
Quietly quietly extinguished it

Wo Jo Geet Tum Ne Suna Nahin
Those ballads to which you did not listen
Meri Umar Bhar Kaa Riyaz Tha
Were the rehearsals of my entire life
Mere Dard Ki Thi Daastaan
Was the saga of my agony
Jise Tum Hansi Mein Udaa Gaye
Which you dismissed with your laughter

Wo Tha Chand Shaam-E-Visaal Kaa
Was that the moon of the eve when we met
Ke Thaa Roop Tere Jamaal Ka
Or was it a facet of your beauty
Meri Rooh Se Meri Aankh Tak
From my soul to my eye
Kisi Roshni Mein Nahaa Gaye
In some radiance I was drenched

Ye Jo Bandagaan-E-Niyaaz Hain
These worshipers of desire
Ye Tamaam Hai Wo Lashkari
They are all like an entire army
Jinhein Zindagii Ne Aman Na Di
Whom life did not grace with peace
To Tere Huzoor Mein Aa Gaye
So they assembled in your attendance

#Teri Berukhi Ke Dayaar Mein
In the aspect of your indifference
Main Havaa Ke Saath Havaa Huaa
I was dissipated by the winds
Tere Aaine Ki Talaash Mein
In the search for a mirror for you
Mere Khwaab Chehra Ganvaa Gaye
My dreams lost their identity

Tere Vasvason Ke Fishar Mein
In the pressure of your unreliability
Tera Shehar-E-Rang Ujad Gayaa
Your city of colors was ruined
Meri Khwahishon Ke Ghubaar Mein
In the dust-cloud of my desires
Mere Maah-O-Saal-E-Vafaa Gaye
My months and years of faithfulness disappeared

Wo Ajeeb Phool Se Lafz The
Those were strange flower like words
Tere Honth Jin Se Mehak Uthe
The ones that perfumed your lips
Mere Dasht-E-Khwab Mein Door Tak
In the wilderness of my dreams far beyond
Koi Baagh Jaise Lagaa Gaye
Some garden as if bloomed away

Meri Umr Se Na Simat Sake
By my lifetime, they were not confined
Mere Dil Mein Itne Sawal The
In my heart there were so many queries
Tere Paas Jitne Jawaab The
The many responses you had with yourself
Teri Ek Nigaah Mein Aa Gaye
In your one gaze, they were revealed away


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