Shola Tha Jhal Bujha Hoon (with Enlgish Translation)

Shola tha jal-bujha huun havaayein mujhe na do
Flame, I was burnt n died already, dont try to revive me,

Main kab ka jaa chuka hun sadayein mujhe na do
I am long gone, dont call out to me

Jo zahar pi chukaa huun tumhin ne mujhe diyaa
The poison that is killing me, was given by you,

Ab tum to zindagii ki duaayein mujhe na do
Now at least do not start to pray for my life.

Aisaa kahin na ho ke palat kar na aa sakuun
Let it never happen that I should come back to you,

Har baar duur jaa ke sadaayein mujhe na do
Dont call out to me, only after I have gone very far.

Kab mujh ko aiteraaf-e-muhabbat na thaa ‘Faraaz’
I plead guilty ‘Faraz’ to the charge of being in Love?

Kab main ne ye kahaa thaa sazaayein mujhe na do
When did I say, please dont punish me for it?


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