Aiye Hath Utha’en (with English Translation)

Aiye hath uthaen hum bhi
Hum jinhay rasm e dua yaad nahi
Hum jinhay soz e muhabbat k siwa
Koi butt koi khuda yaad nahi
Come! Let us, too, raise our hands in prayer ,
We –those who’ve banished to ‘oblivion realm’ the ritual of prayer
We- who except the scorching blaze of love,
Recognise no idol, no Divine being do we prefer!

Aiye arz guzarain ki nigaar e hasti
Zehr-e-amroz main shirni e farad bhar de
wo jinhay tab-e-garaan baari e ayaam nahi
un ki palkon pe shab-o-roz ko halka kar de
Come, let us too supplicate that the ‘Existence Savior’
May instill in today’s bitter venom tomorrow’s luscious rapture,
The strength to bear the onerous times-those who cannot conjure,
remove from their eyes the affliction of arduous ‘day and night’
andmake their burden lighter!

Jin Ki Ankhon Ko Rukh e Subh Ka Yara bhi Nahi
Un Ki Raaton Main Koi Shamma Munawar Kar Dain
Jin K Qadmon Ko Kisi Rah Ka Sahara BhiNahi
Un Ki NazronPe Koi Raah Ujagar Kar Dain
They-whose eyes lie bereft of the strength to glimpse the face of ‘dawn-azure’
May it illumine the black crevices of their nights with a candle or two,
They- whose strides lie orphaned of the comfort of accruing any road’s pleasure,
May it dawn upon their lost feet the comfort of a road or two!

Jin Ka Deen Pairavi e Kazb o Riya Hai un Ko
Himmat e kufr milay,Jurrat e Tehqiq Milay
Jin Kay Sar Muntazir e Tegh e Jafa Hain Un Ko
Dast E Qatil Jhatak Denay Ki Taufiq Milay
Those – whose deities lay in falsity and deceit, may they
Be bestowed with the impudence of infidelity, the audacity to seek!
Those – whose heads await the sabre of tyranny, may they
Be bestowed with the inspiration to ward off the tyrant’s hand oblique!!

Ishq ka sir-e-nihaan jaan tapaan hai jis se
aaj iqrar karain aur tapish mit jaaye
harf e haq dil main khatakta hai jo kaantay ki tarha
aaj izhar karain aur khalish mitjae….
The esoteric mystery of love that revels in the fervent soul, let us today
forge a covenant with it and let our yearning be quenched!
The word of truth that nestles uneasily in the heart like a prickly thorn,
Let this truth be confessed that our aches be squelched!


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