Gham Hai Ya Khushi Hai Tu’u (With English Translation)

Gham hai yaa Khushii hai tuu
merii zindagii hai tuu
An affliction of sorrow or does ecstasy of joy define you?
Be it what, my life derives its context from you!!

aafatoN ke daur meN
chain kii ghaRii hai tuu
In these times that dole out catastrophes
The only relief and comfort I have is you!!

merii raat kaa chiraaGh
merii niiNd bhii hai tuu
The lamp that shields me from grim nights,
The blissful sleep, too,  I sink into- that is you

maiN KhizaaN kii shaam huuN
rut bahaar kii hai tuu
I am the withered autumn evening,
The season of invigorating spring: you!!

dostoN ke darmiyaan
vajh-e-dostii hai tuu
In those bound together by bonds of camaraderie,
That which begets this amity is you!!

merii saarii umr meN
aik hii kamii hai tuu
In this entire life of mine,
The only paucity I suffer from is you!!

maiN to vo nahiiN rahaa
haaN! magar vohii hai tuu
I ceased to be as I used to be,
But Aye!! Not a change has come over you!!

“Nasir” is dayaar meN
kitnaa ajnabii hai tuu
“Nasir” in this place teeming with life,
So an unfamiliar stranger are you!!


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