Nae Kapde Badal Kar Jao’n Kaha’n (With English Translation)

Naye kapre badal kar jaun kahan aur bal banaun kis kay liye
Wo shakhs to shahar hi chor gaya main bahar jaaun kis kay liye
Attired in dainty raiments where should I go again? For whom should I flaunt my braided tresses again?
My beloved forsook the town, for whom should I come out from my seclusion again?

Jis dhup ki dil ko thandak thi wo dhup usi kay sath gai
In jalti bujhti galiyon main ab khak uraun kis k liye
The sunshine whose soul caroused in soothes also departed with him,
In these sweltering grimy lanes for who should I rummage fanatically again?

Wo shahar main tha to us k liye auron se milna parta tha
Ab aise-waise logon k main naaz uthaun kis kay liye
When he was in town I used to rendezvous with others for his sake,
For whom shall I endure these idiosyncrasies of masses again?

Ab shahar main is ka badal hi nahi koi waisa jan-e-gazal hi nahi
Aiwan-e-gazal main lafzon kay guldan sajaun kis kay liye
Nowhere in the town can I find his akin- none like that soul of my melodies,
In the congregations of melodies for who shall I embellish the bouquets of words again?

Muddat se koi aya na gaya sunsan pari hai ghar ki faza
In khali kamron main ‘Nasir’ ab shamma jalaun kis k liye
Since eternities none has stepped in or out, desolate the mien of my house,
In these destitute rooms ‘Nasir’ for who shall I light the lamps again?


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