Zindagi Ke Mayle Mai’n (With English Translation)

Zindagii ke mele mein
Khvaahishon ke rele mein
Tum se kyaa kahein jaanaa
Kis qadar jhamele mein
Vaqt kii ravaanii hai
BaKht kii giraanii hai
SaKht bezamiinii hai
SaKht laamakaanii hai
Hijr ke samandar mein
TaKht aur taKhte kii
Ek hii kahaanii hai
Tum ko jo sunaanii hai
In the carnival of life lively,
In the cascade of desires swirly,
How shall I narrate to you, Love
The extent of my troubles weighty!
The steed of time trots swiftly,
While fate weighs heavily upon me,
The earth falls too short for me ,
While abodes loathe and elude me!
In the vast estrangement sea,
The tale of the throne and fortune
Is a simple single one only,
That’ll be told to you,
As it occurred, faithfully!!

Baat go zaraa sii hai
Baat umr bhar kii hai
Umr bhar kii baatein kab
Do ghaDii mein hotii hain
Dard ke samandar mein
Anginat jaziiren hain
Beshumaar motii hain
AaNkh ke dariiche mein
Tum ne jo sajaayaa thaa
Baat us diye kii hai
Baat us gile kii hai
Jo lahuu kii Khilvat mein
Chor ban ke aataa hai
Lafz ke fasiilon par
TuuT TuuT jaataa hai
Though the matter is one of triviality,
Yet it embodies my whole life’s story
When could matters of life and death
Be settled in a moment or two only?
In the vast frightening ‘sorrow sea’
The isles are numerous and many
Glistening with many a gem and ruby!
In the casement of the heart
That you decorated with emotion aplenty,
The question is of that lamp pretty,
The question is of that grievance friendly!
That creeps into the heart and blood’ s privacy
 Like a thief sneaks up slowly, quietly!
Coming against the wall of words,
Is shattered into smithereens tiny, helplessly!

Zindagii se lambii hai
Baat rat_jage kii hai
Raaste mein kaise ho
Baat taKhaliye kii hai
TaKhaliye kii baaton mein
Guftaguu izaafii hai
Pyaar karane vaalon ko
Ik nigaah kaafii hai
Ho sake to sun jaao
Ek din akele mein
Tum se kyaa kahein jaanaaN
Iis qadar jhamele mein
Larger than the entire life-
Long as it might be,
The conversation is of those vigils nightly,
How to converse on this road busy?
The matter is one that demands privacy!
In this private tete a tete,
Conversation is a mere adjunct only,
To those who love truly,
No more than a mere glance is necessary
If you can, lend it an ear keenly
In solitude unimpeded by anybody!
If only I could narrate, my Love
My difficulty – fashioned from fate’s apathy!


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