Dil.e.Muztar with English Translation

Dil.e.Muztar Ko Samjhaya Bohat Hai
I have tried to explain a lot to this restless heart

Magar Is Dil Nai Tarpaya Bohat Hai
But this heart has tortured me a lot

Qayamat Hai Ye Tark.e.Arzoo Bhi
It feels like the end of world, giving up on these desires

Muj’he Aksar Wo Yaad Aaya Bohat Hai
I have remembered/missed him, a lot

Tabassum Bhi, Hayaa Bhi, Bairukhi Bhi
Happiness, Shyness, Insensitiveness

Yeh Andaaz.e.Sitam B’haya Bohat Hai
I am used to this way of yours of hurting me (I might have liked the way of yours of hurting me)

Rah.e.Hasti K Is Chalte Safar Me
Through this journey of life…

Tumhari Yaad Ka Saaya Bohat Hai
The shadow (in meaning of shelter from the hot sun that bruns the skin and cause trouble) of your memories is enough for me…


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