Phirta Rahoo’n Dar Badar with English Translation

phirta rahoon dar badar I wander from place to place
milta nahi tera nishaan yet i don’t find any sign of yours
hoke judaa kab main jiya how can i live separated from you
tu hai kahaan main kahaan you are somewhere else, i am somewhere else
teri yaadon mein khoya rehta hoon i am lost in your memories
mujhko dasti hai tanhaaiyan my solitude hurts me
tu jo judaa ho gayi as you separated from me
teri sadaa kho gayi your hope sound is lost
dekh le phir zindagi look how my life again
haa kya se kya ho gayi has changed from what it was
jab se bichdi hoon since when i am separated
rab se kehti hoon i pray to the god
kitna suna hai tera jahaan how lonely is your world
kaise kate zindagi maayusi bebasi how can despondency and helplessness help me live life
raahen sabhi kho gayi my all ways are lost
roshani de roshani give me light
main toh rehti hoon teri raahon mein i am in your paths
bekhabar mujhko dhunde kahaan unknown of this, where do you search for me

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