Teri Yaad by Jal with English Translation

Teri yaad aye jab mujh ko
Whenever I think of you

Mein laut aon ga
I shall return

Woh bheegi raat aur barish bhoonday
That rainy night and the rain drops

Mein bheeg jaon ga
I shall get wet

Faslay simat na sakay
The distance never shrunk

Rastey jo mit na sakay
The roads that were never vanished

In faslon ko simatna hai
These distances have to shrink down

In raston pay chalna hai
These roads have to followed

Yeh dil ki baat koi janay na janay
These talks of the heart, if anyone understand them or not

Mein keh jaon ga
I shall speak them

Woh tere saath guzaray lamhay
The moments spent with you

Na bhool paon ga
I shall never forget

Jo sapnay sajaye mil ke
The dreams that were dreamt together

Khushi ke pal bitaye mil ke
The happy moments spent together

Kya paya mein ne
What that I got

Kya khoya
What that I lost

Kab jaga hoon mein
When did I wake up

Kab soya
When did I sleep

Teri har baat rulaye jab mujh ko
When your talks make me cry

Mein kho jaon ga
I shall get lost

Woh teri chahat sataye jab mujh ko
When your love annoys me

Mein dol jaon ga
I will be all swinging


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