Dasht.e.Tanhai (desert of solitude) by Faiz Ahmad Faiz with English Translation

“The desert of my solitude”

Dasht-e-tanhaee main ai jaan-e-jahaan larzaan hai
Teri aavaaz kay saaey, teray honton kay saraab
In the wastelands of solitude, my love,
the echoes of your voice quiver,
the mirages of your lips waver.

Dasht-e-tanhaee main dooree kay khas-o-khaak talay
Khil rahay hain teray pehloo kay saman or gulaab
In the deserts of alienation,
over the expanses of distance and isolation’s debris
the fragrant jasmines and roses of your presence delicately blossom.

Uth rahee hai kaheen qurbat say teri saans kee aanch
Apnee khushboo main sulagti hooee madham madham
Now from somewhere nearby,
the warmth of your breath rises,
smoldering forth an exotic perfume―gently, languorously.

Door ufaq paar chamaktee hooee qatra qatra
Gir rahee hai teri dildaar nazar kee shabnam
Far-off, across the distant horizon,
drop by shimmering drop,
falls the glistening dew of your beguiling glance.

Is qadar payaar say ai jaan-e-jahaan rakha hai
Dil kay rukhsaar pay is waqt teri yaad nain haath
With such tenderness and affection, O my love,
your memory has touched my heart’s cheek

Yoon gumaan hota hai gerchay hai abhee subh-e-firaaq
Dhal gaya hijr ka din aa bhi gaee wasl ki raat.
Even though this is the dawn of our farewell,
now it seems that the sun of separation has set;
the night of blessed union has arrived.


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