Gulo’n Mei’n Rang B’hare with English Translation

(originally sung by Mehdi Hassan)

(sung by foreigner)

Gulon mein rang bhare baad-e-naubahaar chale
Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka kaarobaar chale
Like the new breeze of spring
that grants blossoms their hue,
come forth love, grant the garden
leave to go about its business.

Qafas udaas hai yaaro sabaa se kuchh to kaho
Kahin to bahr-e-khudaa aaj zikr-e-yaar chale
This birdcage is forlorn.
Call upon the gentle wind, friends
to petition the Lord, if it will,
to speak of my beloved.

Kabhi to subah tere kunj-e-lab se ho aaghaaz
Kabhi to shab sar-e-kaakul se mushkbaar chale
Let the dawn, for once, arrive
through the archway of your lips.
Let the dusk spread its perfume
like musk from your tresses.

Bara hai dard ka rishta yeh dil gharib sahi
Tumhare naam pe aaenge ghamgusaar chale
This impoverished heart
is privileged to suffer
and, hearing your name,
to swell, leaving comfort behind.

Jo hum pe guzri so guzri magar shab-e-hijraan
Hamaare ashk teri aaqibat sanwaar chale
What is done is done
but, sundering night,
know that your passing
is adorned with our tears.

Huzoor-e-yaar hui daftar-e-junoon ki talab
Girah mein leke girebaan ka taat taar chale
So insatiable is my vehemence
to be in your presence, my love,
I bunch up my shirt in a knot
and rip its collar to shreds.

Maqaam Faiz koi raah mein jacha hi nahin
Jo ku-e-yaar se nikle to su-e-daar chale
No destination along the way
has any appeal for Faiz,
a step away from his beloved’s street
is a giant leap to the gallows pole.


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