Aur Aahista Kejieye Batei’n with English Translation

Aur aahista kijiye baatein, dhadkane koi sun raha hoga
Speak even more softly for someone may be listening to your heart beats

Lafz girne na paaye honton se, waqt ke haath inko chun lenge
Let not the words drop from your mouth for the hands of time may choose them

Kaan rakhte hain ye dar-o-deewaar, raaz ki saari baat sun lenge
They will hear all your secrets for these doors and walls do have ears

Aise bolo ki dil ka afsana, dil sune aur nigaah doharaaye
Narrate thy hearts affairs such that the heart hears and the eyes repeat in silence

Apne charo taraf ki ye duniya,saans ka shor bhi na sun paaye
Let not this world around us hear even your soft breathing

Aaiye band karle darwaazein, raat sapne chura na le jaaye
Let us lock the door before the night steals away our dreams

Koi jhonka hawa ka aawara, dil ki baaton ko uda na le jaye
Let not that vagabond of whiff of breeze blow away the words in your heart

Aaj itne karib aa jaao , duriyon ka kahi nishaan na rahe
May you come so close to me today, such that there may be no traces of distances

Aise ek dusre me gum ho jayen, faasla koi darmiyaan na rah jaye
Let us get lost in each other, such that there is no distance between us


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