Kabhi Kithabo’n Mei’n P’hool Rakna with English Translation

Kabhi kitabon mein phool rakhna
At times you did press those petals into text books

Kabhi darakhton pe naam likhna
At times we sculpted our names on trees

Humen bhi hai yaad aaj tak woh
I do remember even now those days of love

Nazar se harf-e-salaam likhna
When we exchanged silent salutations between our eyes

Woh chand cheharein , woh behki batein
Those lovely faces like the moon; those heart palpitating conversations

Sulagte din te, mehakti ratein
The days were on fire; the nights perfumed

Woh chotte chotte se kaghazon par
On those tiny bits of paper

Mohabbaton ke payam likhna
we wrote messages of childish love

Gulab chehron se dil lagana
Flirting with those rose like faces

Woh chupke chupke nazar milana
Gazing at each other on the sly

Woh aarzoooein ke khwab bunna
Weaving those dreams of desires

Woh kisse-e-natamaam likhna
Writing tales of insignificant infatuations

Meri nazar ki hassen fizaon
O! Beautiful surroundings of my sight

Kahin jo unka nishaan paao
Wherever you find his sign

to pochna ye kahan base wo
So ask where he lived

kahan hain un ka qayam likhna
and find where is his stay (these days),

Gai ruton me Hassan hamara
With passing seasons, Hassan, I

Bas ek hi to ye mashgala ta
just had one preoccupation left

Kisike chehro ko subah kehna
To call some lovely face a blissful dawn

Kisi ke zulfon ko shaam likhna
and to equate another’s tresses to an evening


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