Aye Hairath.e.Aashiqui with English Translation

Dum tara dum tara, chashm, chashm-e-nam
Dum tara dum tara, sleepy sleepy eyes

Sun mere humdum
Listen my sweet heart

Hameshaa ishq mein hi jeena
Let us always live in love

Ay hairat-e-aashiqui jagaa mat..
Hey amazing love dont wake us up

Pairon se zameen,zameen lagaa mat..
Let not our feet touch the ground

Kyon Urdu Faarsi bolte ho?
Why do you talk in urdu and Frasi?

Das kehthe ho do tolte ho?
Why do you mention ten and count two?

Jhooton ke Shehanshah bolo na
Dearest emperor of all sweet liars, answer me.

Kabhi jhaankhon meri aankhen
Peer into my eyes

Sunaeye ek daastaan jo honton se kholo na
And listen to the tales I can’t spin

Do chaar maheene se lamhon mein
Of late, every breathable moment

Umron k hisaab bhi hote hain
I am, of aeons spent keeping an account

Jinhen dekhaa nahin kal tak
One whom I hadn’t even seen till yesterday

Kahin bhi ab kok mein woh chehren bote hain
I seek to sow thy face in my womb


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