Ye Dil Ye Pagal Dil Mera with English Translation

ye dil, ye paagal dil meraa, kyon bujh gaya aawaargi
is dasht mein ek shahr thaa, woh kya hua aawaargi

This heart, this crazy heart of mine;why have you gone languid? Ah!,vagrant you are!
In this desert there was once a bustling city;what happened? Ah!,vagrant you are!

kal shab mujhe be-shakl si awaaz ne chaunka diyaa
main ne kaha tu kaun hai, us ne kaha aawaargi

Yesterday night I was stunned by a faceless voice
When I question “Who are you?”; It answered back “I am your wandering spirit”

ek tu ke sadiyon se mere ham-raah bhi ham-raaz bhi
ek main ke tere naam se naa-aashnaa aawaargi

There is You who havs been my trip mate and my confidant for millenia
Then there is me who is unacquainted with even your name – Ah! vagabond!

ye dard ki tanhaiyaan, ye dasht ka viraan safar
ham log to uktaa gaye apni sunaa, aawaargi

The loneliness of this pain; this journey through autumnal sands
We are are worn out,tell us your story, oh vagrant!

ek ajnabi jhonke ne jab poocha mere gham ka sabab
sehraa ki bheegi raet par main ne likha aawaargi

When the stranger of a wind asked me the cause for my sadness,
I wrote on the wet sands of the desert “Vagrancy”

logon bhalaa us shehar mein kaise jiyenge hum jahaan
ho jurm tanhaa sochnaa, lekin sazaa aawaargi

Tell me how am I to live in that city where
To think alone is a crime; but the punishment in vagrancy!

le ab to dasht-e-shab ki saari vusaten sone lagin
ab jaagna hogaa hamen kab tak bataa aawaargi

Now the vastness of the desert of the night has gone to sleep
Now, how long am I to remain awake? Vagrancy!

kal raat tanhaa chaand ko dekhaa tha maine khwaab mein
“Mohsin” mujhe raas aayegi shaayad sadaa aawaargi

The night before I had seen the lonely moon in my dreams
Dear Moshin, I may not always like this vagrancy!


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