Tere Bheege Badan Ki Khushboo Se by Mehdi Hassan with English Translation

Tere bheege badan ki khusboo sey
Lehrey bhi hoi’n mastani si
Teri zulf ko choo ker aj hoi, khamosh hawaa deewani si
Your wet body thrills the water with its enticing perfume,
your streaming hair drives the gentle winds into silence
that borders on insanity!

Yeh roop ka kund’han dehka huwa
Yeh roop ka Koondhan dehka huwa
yeh jism ka chandan mehka huwa, mehka huwa
ilzam na dena phir mujh ko
ilzam na dyna pher mujh ko
hojahey agar nadani si
The mere touch of your sizzling body, gleaming with golden glow,
sends me into ecstasies of delight!
Don’t accuse me of loving too much, wanting to possess you,
for I cannot fathom the workings of my own mind–lost in confusion!

b’hikra huwa kajal ankho’n mie’n
b’hikra huwa kajal ankho’n mie’n
thoofan ki halchal sanso’n mie’n, sanso’n mie’n
yeh naram labo ki khamoshi
yeh naram labooo ki khamoshi
palko’n mie’n chupi herani si
Your ruby red lips provide the nectar to my unquenchable thirst,
your sparkling eyes far outshine the twinkling of the stars in the firmament,
the scattered kohl begging to linger a while longer before it is
completely washed away by the vengeful tide!
My breathing comes and goes in spasms, gone astray like
a storm let loose before it finally abates!
The flutterings of your eyelashes disturb the rhythm of my
heartbeats, pounding against my chest, tight with desire!
And I am lost, lost forever, drowned in the perfumed river
of your intoxication!


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